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Welcome to our AI job search engine! Our AI job search engine makes it easy for you to quickly and efficiently find your perfect job match. With our advanced technology, you can search by multiple criteria at once. You can use any combination of job title, salary, location, industry and skill set to find the right opportunity for you. Try out our AI job search engine now!

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T360 is an AI-powered search engine that makes finding the best candidates for any job easy. Our advanced algorithms match and score the most qualified candidates based on the criteria provided in the search, such as job titles, skills, education, locations, city, phone no., and more. We use a powerful Boolean search system to provide you with the most accurate results in our database. Start your candidate search today and see why T360 is the top choice for employers everywhere.Thanks to its advanced AI engine which can quickly match and score the most qualified candidates for any job requirements.  

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Tired of hiring with Job search sites? Hire smarter, faster with AI. Get the most qualified candidates for any job role with T360's AI search engine. Find the right hire now.


Search Faster & Wider - Get more specific and discover hidden opportunities with sophisticated search criteria. Boolean search capabilities make finding candidates even faster and more efficient.

Filter For Relevance - Our advanced matching algorithm can compare job descriptions, skills, education and much more to surface the most qualified and relevant candidates for each job opportunity.

Smarter Insights - Track trends, create analytics reports and unlock meaningful insights about the hiring market with AI-driven visualizations and reports.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Powered - The AI engine learns from your job requirements and patterns of past searches to intelligently surface the best qualified candidates from our database.

Deep Knowledgebase & Candidates Matching - Leverage our comprehensive library of job descriptions, search keywords, skills and locations to identify highly qualified job seekers quickly and easily.

Job Seeker Management - Quickly review potential candidates’ profiles, build a shortlist, assess resumes and track applicants from within our dashboard.

Why Boolean Search Engine?

This Boolean search engine allows users to quickly and easily search through large databases for the best candidates. It works by allowing users to create complex queries using keywords and Boolean operators.

Using the engine, users can narrow down their search results to focus on the most relevant results based on a variety of criteria. For example, they can search for candidates who possess certain skills, or are located in specific geographic areas. Additionally, users can combine different search criteria with the help of Boolean operators in order to generate more precise searches.

In addition to being fast and efficient, this Boolean search engine is also user-friendly and easy to use. Its simple interface allows users to construct complex queries with minimal effort, while providing helpful tips along the way. Furthermore, users have the ability to save frequently used queries for quick reference.

Unlock potential with AI search. Find the most qualified candidates for any job requirement with T360's AI engine.

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