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We strive to provide a seamless candidate experience with our conversational AI. Our AI will walk candidates through all relevant job roles, as well as their descriptions and qualifications. After getting familiar with the various opportunities, candidates can apply directly to those positions they feel most closely align with their skillset and experience. We want to ensure that applicants have a simple, straightforward experience from beginning to end so that they can focus on the more important task of getting hired. Additionally, we offer ongoing support for any questions or inquiries about the process.

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A job hunt should never feel like a struggle - check out our ats applicant tracking system to provide a seamless candidate experience!

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Accessible On All Platforms - Access the Seamless Candidate Experience from anywhere, anytime with support for both mobile and web platforms.

Personalised Journeys - Our AI allows each candidate to receive a tailored journey experience. Based on past conversations, relevant jobs roles and descriptions are made available to ensure that jobseekers get all the information they need to make an informed decision.

Real-Time Insights - Receive instant feedback with real-time analytics. Analyze trends in candidate behavior and decision making patterns to identify areas of improvement in order to further enhance the candidate experience.

Smarter Candidate Engagement - Interact with applicants and keep them in the loop in their application process by automatically responding to queries in real-time, sending customized messages and reminder notifications.

Adaptive Application Tracking - Our innovative hr applicant tracking system automates the pre-screening process so hiring teams can focus on finding and qualifying the right talent faster.

Improved Employee Onboarding - New hires can easily be set up with everything they need before they even arrive on their first day of work, resulting in a streamlined onboarding process that saves valuable time and resources.

Boost Candidate Engagement With Talent360 Applicant Tracking System

Our online applicant tracking system is designed to streamline the recruitment process. With our Conversational AI, candidates can self-serve by searching for relevant jobs and getting detailed descriptions about each one. From there, they can easily apply to those that best match their qualifications and experience. Our system helps you to manage and organize your job postings, resumes, applications and communications with potential hires, making it easier to evaluate the best candidate for a role. Furthermore, our automated tools can track each stage of the hiring process, providing helpful metrics along the way so you can make better decisions on who to hire.

Why Applicant Tracking System helpful for recruiters and managers? 

HR Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) provide organizations with the tools they need to streamline their recruitment process and make it more efficient. It automates mundane tasks such as candidate screening, sorting, tracking and analyzing candidates. ATS also helps organizations recruiter or hire managers in gathering insights on which type of job seekers they should target in order to achieve maximum productivity. By leveraging the power of AI and automation, HR teams can save time while improving their ability to source, select, hire and retain the right talent for their business. With AI-powered automated tracking system solution, recruiters are able to make smarter hiring decisions faster than ever before.

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Why candidate tracking system is important for a small business?

Clear Communication - Quickly get an overview of all job requirements and expectations with transparent communication

Save Time - Streamline your recruitment process and make it easier to source and vet quality talent quickly, so you can move to hire quickly.

Improve Relationships - Enjoy better relationships with your candidates, increase satisfaction and keep them engaged in the hiring process.

Seamless Engagement - Give candidates a personalized and engaging journey through their application process that gives them confidence in the decision they’re making.

Keep Clarity - Offer an end-to-end transparent candidate experience, keeping all parties informed of the status of the recruitment and onboarding process.

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