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Resume uploads -
A job seeker is responsible for maintaining their resume and uploading it into different job seeking platforms. This individual constantly updates their resume with their most recent qualifications and experiences in order to better their chances of being hired. 

Interviews -
If you are seeking a job, it is important to give interviews in order to increase your chances of being hired. Interviews allow potential employers to get to know you and your qualifications better, and can help you stand out from other candidates. Additionally, interviews give you the opportunity to ask questions about the company and the position, and to learn more about the job and its requirements. 

Apply to recommended jobs -
If you're looking for a new job, recommended jobs are one of the ways to get a chance to apply. Recommended jobs are based on your skills, experience, and job preferences. To find recommended jobs, sign in to your Job Seeker account and click the "Recommended Jobs" tab. From there, you can browse through the available listings and apply to any that interest you.

Tough to grab the recruiter’s attention -
It can be tough to catch a recruiter's attention when you're job-seeking. You want to make sure your resume and cover letter stand out, but it can be difficult to know how to make them truly stand out from the rest. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to help ensure that your materials make it to the top of the pile.

Assistance Needed -
As job seekers, need some assistance. They will have a hard time finding a job and need assistance. Some people might not think that job seekers need assistance, but they do. Many job seekers are unqualified for the jobs they apply for, and many more are under-qualified. This means that they will have a hard time finding a job and will likely not get the job they want. 

No Job updates -
It's been a tough few months for job seekers. The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in widespread layoffs and furloughs, leaving many people out of work. While some employers are starting to hire again, the job market is still far from recovering. This can be frustrating for job seekers, who may feel like they're stuck in a rut. 

CV upload -
It would be helpful if the website had the option to upload a CV. As it stands, the only way to apply for a job is to fill out a form which is time-consuming and not very efficient. Having the option to upload a CV would be much easier and would probably result in more applications. 

Manually Applying -
Although many job seekers today use online job boards and resume databases to find employment, some still prefer the old-fashioned method of manually applying for various job roles. This can be a time-consuming process, but it can also be quite rewarding, as you can often get a better sense of a company and its culture by actually meeting with someone in person.


Job update emails -
The ATS software can do a lot to help keep your business organized and running smoothly. One of its key functions for job seekers is to help you keep track of job postings and job applicants. This system can send out job update emails to let you know when new positions have been posted or when new candidates have applied for a position. This can help you stay on top of your hiring process and make sure that you are considering all of the best candidates for each job through job update emails. 

Interview updates by mail and interactive video interview -
There have been some exciting changes lately in the way that job seekers can stay up-to-date on the latest information about their interviews. Instead of only being able to check for updates by mail, many companies are now using interactive video interview software to provide updates in real-time. This allows job seekers to see exactly what the interviewer is seeing, and to provide feedback or questions immediately. This new format is much more efficient and interactive, and it provides a great way for job seekers to stay on top of their interviews and grow further.

Apply on career link Bot -
Using an inbuilt career link from the app to capture incoming applications through the bot can save time. Easy to apply for a job through an inbuilt career link which is a boon for job seekers. It is very easy to search and apply for jobs through this link. You can find jobs that match your skills and qualifications easily. This makes job hunting a lot easier and faster. 

Recruitment Buddy Bot -
Recruitment Buddy Bot is a great tool for finding and connecting with job seekers on Facebook. In just a few easy steps, you can start using Recruitment Buddy Bot on Facebook to help you with your needs. As a job seeker, it is easy to apply on Recruitment Buddy Bot on Facebook. Recruitment Buddy Bot is a Facebook Messenger chatbot that helps job seekers to find job openings and apply for them. The bot also provides information about the company, the job opening, and the required qualifications. 

24x7 Assistance -
The Job Seeker 24x7 Assistance bot is a chatbot that provides assistance to job seekers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The bot helps job seekers with their job search by providing them with resources and information about available jobs, job search tips, and career advice. The Job Seeker 24x7 Assistance bot is a free service that is available to anyone who needs help with their job search.

Upload CV through bot -
A bot can be used to upload a CV and candidate can go through pre-screening as well. This would allow for a streamlined process and would likely speed up the hiring process. However, it is important to note that this should not be the only method of screening candidates but also provide the great assistance for the job seekers.

Job Recommendations -
As companies increasingly look for ways to streamline their hiring processes, many are turning to job recommendation software. This type of software uses data about a job seeker's skills and experience to recommend positions that may be a good fit. In many cases, the software can also help identify potential red flags that might disqualify a candidate. While this type of system can be helpful in finding qualified candidates, by automatically recommending the job seekers their appropriate jobs. Ultimately, it's still up to the hiring manager to make it easy for the final decision about who to bring on board.