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Are you a recruiter who's having trouble scheduling and managing interviews? Check out this amazing interview scheduling platform - it's got Jitsi integration for smooth video interviews, automating reminders, and more!

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Best Interview Scheduling Software

Get Stress-free Interview Scheduling and Feedback by T360 which is designed to help recruiters streamline their hiring process. It automates the entire recruitment process, from scheduling interviews, managing calendars, and gathering feedback.

The software comes with a variety of features that make it easier for recruiters to schedule and manage interviews. For example, it can sync with a calendar of all available interview times, so recruiters don’t have to manually input information. It also includes features for sending reminders to both the candidate and interviewer, ensuring everyone is prepared and on time.

To make video interviews stress-free, the software integrates with Jitsi video conferencing software. This integration allows recruiters to quickly launch virtual meetings between candidates and panelists, with minimal setup required. The video conferencing feature also helps recruiters collect valuable feedback from panelists more easily by providing an online platform for them to submit comments after the interview.

Finally, the software allows recruiters to keep track of all their data in one place – allowing them to review interviews quickly and accurately measure candidate performance over time. Recruiters can also generate detailed reports that will give them a better understanding of their interviewing process, helping them hire smarter in the future.

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This automated interview scheduling software is designed to make the entire hiring process easier and more efficient for employers. It allows them to quickly find and invite candidates, review CVs on demand, ask pre-screening questions, schedule video interviews, and collect feedback from panelists – all in one place.

Features of this software are,

  • Single screen interface – this makes it easy to find and invite candidates, review CVs on demand, ask pre-screening questions, schedule video interviews, and collect feedback from panelists.
  • Flexibility and connectivity – with this feature employers can connect with candidate profiles, send screening questions via email or SMS, conduct video interviews or other platform of their choice.
  • Schedule confirmation – employers don’t need to worry about venues or availability of panelists anymore; this software automatically confirms schedules with panelists.
  • AI-driven insights – the system uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms to analyze the data collected through its features so employers can make informed decisions.
  • Multi-platform integration – the software works across platforms including iOS/Android devices, web browsers and desktop computers.
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