About us

Our commitment

We at Novacept, believe in simplifying the user experience and pride ourselves on several fundamental core values on which we conduct our daily operations.

Our customers and employees work as one team, thereby understanding customer goals and objectives and helping in transforming their business operations. We deliver world-class secure, scalable solutions, which are delivered on time, and to the highest standard, allowing customers to focus on their core businesses.

About Talent 360

An all-inclusive talent lifecycle platform for hire to retire: The best AI software single platform from where you can manage your Candidates, Partners, Clients, Hiring Managers, Account Managers, and Recruiters. One unified solution for all your talent management needs in the digital world. Our platform will allow you to source from across the world and get the most out of the resources​.

A talent management platform that goes beyond Hiring​.

Source talent faster, track resumes quicker, and manage interviews better.

Customize your workday and automate daily mundane tasks to save time.

Get Reports and Analytics at your fingertips and make hiring strategies.

  • Human resources… is not about filling up spaces...
    It is about identifying and nurturing talent
  • Rethink your candidate and client’s experience and use Talent 360 to create a competitive advantage for your organization when it comes to talent acquisition. The employment brand is more important than the product or service brand.
  • A single platform from where you can manage your Partners, Clients, Jobseekers, Alumni, Account Managers, and Recruiters
  • Talent 360 is beyond ATS It has the complete life cycle of the Workforce. (Talent Acquisition / Talent Management / Human Resources Management System)