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Work smarter, not harder with HR recruitment software. Talent Acquisition Software is a one stop shop for managing all of your hiring needs from job postings and talent pools to applicant tracking.

Find the perfect hire in minutes with our easy to use, cloud-based software solution.

  • Easy-to-build and use
  • Multiple hiring processes
  • Manage all aspects of recruiting
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Why Talent 360? 

Talent 360 is the best recruitment management software that simplifies the recruitment process, allowing businesses to quickly and easily find qualified candidates for any position with its intuitive user interface and advanced analytics to efficiently identify the best talent. Our online recruitment management software allows recruiters to customize their search process by building detailed candidate profiles, conducting targeted searches using artificial intelligence (AI), managing applications, tracking performance metrics, and scheduling interviews with ease.

Our hiring platform helps companies to recruit, hire, and manage their remote teams. Whether if you are a big company or a start-up- we make talent acquisition easy and cost - effective.

We empowers organizations to build a world-class team of top talent quickly and efficiently while improving organizational effectiveness.

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Our Goals

Successful recruitment management is all about great candidates. 

  • Provide a simple way to manage all stages of recruitment
  • Hire candidates using a variety of sourcing methods like job boards or referrals
  • Allows HR professionals to increase their efficiency
  • Easily manage all candidate activities
  • Stay up-to-date with relevant offers 
  • Manage interview schedules & evaluations

A simple way to manage all stages of recruitment in Talent 360 

Looking for the top recruiting software? Grow your business with the help of the right people! We make managing your recruiting simple and easy. Try our HR talent management software today.
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Easy to Use Interface

The interface of talent management software has been designed to be user-friendly so that users can access it easily without any prior knowledge or technical skills. The interface also provides a visual overview of each candidate’s application so that recruiters can track progress quickly and make informed decisions.

Manage Talent Pipeline

The software helps recruiters to organize applicants by skill level and prioritize applications more easily with an advanced search functionality. Additionally, the talent pipeline feature allows for bulk messaging and automated notifications for faster communication between recruiters and potential candidates.

Interview Scheduling & Assessment

Talent Management Software automates scheduling of interviews and assessments for both internal staff as well as external stakeholders such as external recruitment agencies or consulting firms. This saves time on setting up multiple calendar entries, helping to improve productivity throughout the hiring process.

Performance Tracking & Evaluation

Through its intuitive reporting features, Talent Management Software makes it easier to track performance against KPIs throughout each phase of the recruitment cycle – from sourcing candidates to making offers and onboarding new hires. This allows employers to better monitor progress and ensure quality of hire metrics are met at every stage of the process.

Post-Hire Analytics & Insights

With built-in analytics capabilities, employers can measure outcomes related to diversity, employee engagement, career development, turnover rate, etc., giving them powerful insights into what drives success within their organization and how they can optimize their strategies accordingly.

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